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On-Camera Classes & Workshops

Casting has gone global! This means that directors, producers and casting directors are on the search for international talent for their film and Tv projects more and more.  It is essential for actors to speak clearly and be comfortable with self tapes and cold readings along with breaking the language barrier when acting in a foreign language. 

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Joel Cederberg,

Luis has a keen understanding of what a scene needs to work and he has a way of sharing that knowledge that is empowering rather than belittling. This is an excellent workshop to improve your castings - and your acting.

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Denzel Ndongosi,

I had a lovely time in Luis's workshop. We worked on things that we work on a little less here in Europe, like cold readings.  It was great to have his view on things and get a first hand experience on a casting director's view on tapes. It was great to work with him. 

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Thais Chanes, Lisbon

He has a very objective, straight forward and honest view of the market. It was helpful to learn how it's like to work in Europe and the US. It was useful and I learned a lot.

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Sergio Mesia,
La Coruña

Luis has a great eye for giving direction which will positively impact your performance and the scene. The familial atmosphere generated at the workshop invites you to try and learn from it. Great experience.

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Irina Bravo, Madrid

Luis’ approach is full of respect for the craft and the actors he works with, which I really appreciated and felt like it was essential for my learning experience. After this workshop, I feel energised and inspired to bring strong choices and a sense of playfulness into my next auditions! 

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