Casting 3 DAYPLAYERS for a FEATURE FILM in New York City

November 24, 2020

​We are casting 3 DAYPLAYER roles for a Non-Union FEATURE FILM that's shooting in NEW YORK CITY in January, 2021 for about a week. Please only submit if you are a NYC area local and have general availability in January. MUST have driver's license. Email your headshot and reel to

FEMALE TAXI DRIVER, 25 to 35 years old. Black female.  All body types. Long braided hair (not mandatory). MUST HAVE VALID DRIVER'S LICENSE. ANDRES gets in her taxi randomly so he can drive around the city and listen to the internal 2-way radio frequency to get more information about the suspect. She agrees to let him listen in because ANDRES sweet talked to her into it.

She's energetic, bubbly and assertive with a flare and rambunctious attitude. She's fierce and takes no BS from anyone but if you get on her good side, she warms up to you.

ABDUL, 35 to 45 years old, South Asian male from INDIA originally. Slight accent. Wears turban. MUST HAVE VALID DRIVER'S LICENSE. He loves gambling and uses the Taxi's 2-way radio to cheat on sporting bets. He's high energy, has a slight accent and pays no mind to ANDRES who is his passenger except when ANDRES asks him to turn up the radio so he can recognize a classical tune.

GAS, 45 to 55 years old. Mixed ethnicity/Hispanic male. VERY talkative with high energy. MUST HAVE VALID DRIVER'S LICENSE. ANDRES gets into GAS'S taxi to circulate around the city and MARY calls him with news about the suspect, giving him a license number and name. ANDRÉS asks GAS if he can help him and GAS (believing that ANDRÉS is a real policeman) tells him that he knows who SAM SMITH is and that he can find out where he is through the internal GPS. Later on ANDRÉS has a hunch about who the murderer is and cannot get a taxi so he decides to call GAS, who picks him up and follows the murderous taxi driver through the GPS but disappears from the radar. But ANDRÉS already knows where he is going and since there is a lot of traffic he decides to run, leaving GAS and behind. MUST SPEAK SPANISH. 


Casting ACTORS/ACTRESSES for Tv Series

May 18, 2020

We are currently looking English Speaking actors that are based in Spain for upcoming  dayplayer roles in a Tv Series that shoots in Spain and Morocco in 2020. If you are interested please have your agent or yourself submit your material to:

A plus:

1.  Horseback riding

2.  Sword/Combat skills


Casting a MODEL/DANCER for a luxury brand.

March 05, 2019

We are currently looking  1 FEMALE MODEL, ages 21-35 that dances. This is for a luxury brand commercial that shoots outside of the US.  Can be Europe/US based.  

1 FEMALE MODEL, 21-35 years old, Mediterranean/Middle Eastern look that dances semi-professionally.  Must have valid passport and willing to travel. 

Please submit photos and any videos showing you dancing along with your contact information. 

Well paid. 

Email us at (Subject: Luxury Brand Model)

Casting ARABIC speaking Male On Camera Narrators for an IQOS e-cigarette commercial.

July 11, 2018

Casting 1 ARABIC speaking Male , 25-40 years old On Camera Narrator with Teleprompter experience, a plus.

MUST speak Arabic fluently as a mother tongue and MUST have Saudi Arabian/UAE dialect.

1 year buyout for duty free stores in airports in UAE and Saudi Arabia along with password restricted websites for Philip Morris in the region.

Shoot will be in Madrid, the week of July 16th.

Please email your photo/headshot along with any videoreels and contact information to (Subject: IQOS).


Casting a FEATURE film in English, in Madrid.

June 08, 2018

Casting supporting and dayplayer roles for an American/Spanish co-produced FEATURE FILM that will be shooting in Spain, late summer 2018.

Looking for NATIVE English speaking actors that can do American accents and are based in Spain or Europe.



Send your material to (Subject: FEATURE)

Casting in Madrid. Band looking for WORLDWIDE TOURING MEMBER.

June 03, 2018

We are currently looking for DRUMMERS, SINGERS, & GUITAR PLAYERS that are interested in auditioning for a well known touring band as a future member of a current and new group.

MALES 20-35 years old. Clean cut look, very talented and not too many tattoos.

Any nationality but MUST be able to legally work in the EU. Audition in Madrid on June 23rd with Band Director. Must be able to speak English well.


Casting (International) for Asian Mobile Phone Brand

April 14, 2018

We are looking for a White/Caucasian Female age 20-29 worldwide for an international shoot taking place in Brazil late April 2018.  Open to self tapes worldwide.

This HEROINE is strong, gorgeous, mysterious and sexy. Very much like AEON FLUX meets VOGUE.  ACTION FILM STAR quality/types.

Must have valid passport and willing travel to Brazil for shoot. Minimal script in English.  Send photos and videoreels to (Subject: Asian Phone Brand)

Casting a commercial for UAE. Looking for model types. Native English speakers in MADRID, SPAIN.

September 06, 2017


Looking for 1 MAN and 1 WOMAN.  All ethnicities and NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKERS, model types for a password protected website for the UAE market. 1 Year buyout.  Must be MADRID local. 

Casting:  September 13 & 14 in Madrid, Spain. No self tapes accepted.  

Shoot:  Week of September 25.  One day. 

Send your photo and contact info to  

Minimum 21 years of age and legal to work in Spain. 

Casting American Independent Film // International Casting

May 17, 2017

We are casting an American Independent Film and searching for the LEAD FEMALE ACTRESS.  If you feel you fulfill the breakdown requirements please email us your material to (Subject: Roberta)

*Preferably video reels/scenes in English.

Casting Submissions due by June 1st, 2017

Casting Open Worldwide

Shoot Dates: November 2017-mid January 2018

Shoot Location: USA



Female 21-29 years old, South American or Southern European descent that speaks FLUENT AMERICAN ENGLISH.  Roberta is skeptical of men since she's always been wrapped up in abusive relationships. She strong willed but very rarely does she express herself adequately since her self-esteem has been beaten down throughout the years. She's UNIVERSALLY AND CLASSICALLY BEAUTIFUL, intelligent and street smart. She has been given a way out of her current relationship and yearns to find a new direction in Life.

Casting 2 capitulos de una serie de WARNER BROS.

January 12, 2017

​Casting a Warners Bros. series from Belgium that will be shooting two episodes in Spain.  Will be holding sessions in Madrid on January 19th and 20th. MUST SPEAK ENGLISH & SPANISH. 

Please send your headshot/resume/contact info to ​​​

Casting an Animated Virtual Reality Short Film

October 02, 2016



Looking for two young Voice Over artists to portray the following roles:

ANAAYA is a human scientist 19-23 years old. Confident and soothing voice that projects warmth and intelligence. Very clear in her directions and intentions while being friendly and charismatic. Speaks very fast and is always looking to solve the next BIG problem.

MELITA is an Android with human features. She’s about 16-18 years old. Her voice sounds sweet and innocent while still projecting a sense of adventurous curiosity. Always up for learning, she’s a quick learner and loves to capture your attention.

Please send your voice demo reels (Standard American Dialect ONLY) to



Casting a 6 Episode English language Mini Series for TVE Channel titled VIRGIN & MARTYR

June 29, 2016

We are casting an English language mini-series for TVE Channel in Spain.  This casting is opened to international actors from 18+ years old. 

Although we cannot release a breakdown through our website, we welcome any English speaking actor that is interested in this period piece about Queen Elizabeth and Mary Queen of Scots to email us their material to (Subject: Virgin & Martyr Submissions.)

Thank you!​

Casting a BBC docu-drama

April 16, 2016

We are casting a BBC historical documentary-drama in Madrid. Looking for great Spanish actresses with high level of English and fair features that can portray CATHERINE OF ARAGON at 25-35 years old.

Please send your photos and contact info to MARIA at

Casting in Madrid April 20th.
Shoot will be in London from May 7-23, 2016.


Casting de serie Disney en Madrid

April 06, 2016



Buscamos los siguientes perfiles para una serie de Disney que se grabará en Londres durante un mes.


Abierto a todos grupos étnicos!


PADRE POLICIA, 35-48 años, look de hombre fuerte pero dulce a la vez.

HIJO, 16-18 años con aparencia más jóven, dulce, inocente y sociable.

HIJA, 16-18 años con aparencia más jóven, dulce, inocente y sociable.



Casting en MADRID durante la semana del 11 de abril.  Enviar fotos, material y contactos a (Asunto:  Disney)


Casting a SAG Indie Feature Film

January 24, 2016

We are co-casting/additional casting a SAG Indie Feature Film that will be shooting in Los Angeles late February through mid-March.  Very talented director and the principal leads  have already been cast. Now looking for an amazing secondary principal female role. The role is in English and Spanish.  Experience having worked in the States is a plus.


Character Breakdown:


SUSAN, 50-60 years old, Spanish from SPAIN.  Very earthy, no glamour, mismatched style.  Critical of daughter and very opinionated.  A tour de force type of person.  Speaks English and Spanish.


Please send us your headshot/video reel and contact info to Luis S. Canete




Casting for V.O. Performers: British, American, Scottish, Japanese, and Indian Accent (in English)

January 21, 2016

We are looking for NATIVE ENGLISH speakers/voice over artists that can read with the following accents for industrial audio (educational English learning cds.)


BRITISH (various dialects)

USA (various dialacts, especially New York)


JAPANESE (accent while speaking in English)

INDIAN (accent while speaking in English)



Children and Adults both Female and Male. All ages.


Send audio reels/books to (Subject: English V.O.)


Casting session date to be determined.


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